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Children’s Day

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    • Children’s Day 2017-18- 14th November is a special day for the Kids in the Block-Colourful atires/Teachers in their myriad colours/groundstaff colouring the school Red…The FUNTAINMENT was a gala time. Learning of keeping the environs clean/sharing /Caring/Empathy /Affection/Affirmations and liberal approbations were free flowing indeed !!! Hail the EI & EQ.
    • Traffic Awareness Drive on Childrens Day- The initiative by the Local Traffic Police was a timely injection of the safety rules by and caution call to the Public and highlighting the increasing efforts by the Traffic police to educate the young learners at School the importance of Safe Driving /No Drinking & Driving Campaign. CI -Mr. Prabhakar Reddy of Kesara addressed the Students motivating them to be responsible members of the society and thereby honorable citizens of the Country and

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