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Saket High School



High school is the life that you wish for another 100 years only after completing it. High school not only dictates your Future days but also decorates your School life with loving memories. High school is what kind of grows you into the better person you are tomorrow. And THIS has always prioritized and fabricated the High School study from the atmosphere to acclaimed activities.  With stern determination to be the Best CBSE High School in Secunderabad, FBHIS would go to any level of heights to flourish the generation who serves as soldiers who march the Technology & World into a better tomorrow.

Established in the year 2012, FBHIS deeply believes in nurturing the young aspiring minds with Love so they can grow strong and steady to cast a shadow and bring a fruitful tomorrow for generations.  “Let Noble thoughts come to us from all directions,” based on the ruminative philosophy FBHIS has derived an outline of the management and started this endeavor to impart knowledge to the Young prodigious minds that cater for a Better Future.

From its very inception, a step towards Liberal Education in multidisciplinary mode has been attempted. Under the leadership of accomplished Educationalist, Sreelatha Chennapragada as our Principal, Foster Billabong High International School endeavors to provide a strong foundation for all-round development of a child, holistic education, and hence, the emphasis is on qualitative teaching and learning process so that every child who enters the portals of this school is prepared to meet life head-on. With an ideal 30:1 student-teacher ratio, FBHIS has been crowned as the Best CBSE Schools in Secunderabad by catering more importance to the practical education that furnishes young minds.

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Our laudable UPS serves 3 different learns and imparts knowledge based on their comprehensible skills. FBHIS strongly believes in the notion that if the Administration creates the Environment as important as curriculum then the two support each other during instruction.

Our 3 Different UPS are:

  • Auditory Learners (A student who imbibes most of the knowledge through Listening)
  • Visual Learners (A student who beholds the Knowledge)
  • Kinesthetic Learners (A Multi-Sensory learning capacity)


Life at High school can be very baffling and often chaotic but to flush out such circumstances and predicaments, FBHIS implemented the best pragmatic methodologies alongside playful education that finds its way into the heads of the students with less effort and more fun.

The curriculum at FBHIS for 6th to 10th grade in the CBSE syllabus is divided into

  1. Physics
  2. Chemistry
  3. Biology
  • Sports & Performing arts are part of their regular curriculum
  • Library, Computers, art & craft, Skill periods, Club periods, and the likes are also conducted as part of the regular curriculum.
  • Our other global subjects include Literature, Language Arts and English grammar, Computer Education, Art and Craft, Physical Education, etc.
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Sports and Performing Activities

Best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad

Sports Performing Activities Physical Education/Games
Basketball Karate Table Tennis
Lawn Tennis Skating Chess
Cricket Western Dance Caroms
FootBall Instrumental Music – (Guitar/Keyboard) Volley Ball
  Speech & Drama (HOG) Shuttle

Events & Activities

FBHIS Saket High School facilities are the best-in-town services that eliminate the aspect of Painful learning by planting futuristic pieces of equipment and laboratories. Some of our extremely well-renowned facilities are a health bay, in-building Canteen, Lunch hall, AV room, etc.

The infamous activities that have grasped the attention of multitudes for pushing the envelope in terms of playful learning are as follows:

  • Field trips
  • Cultural Events
  • Special Weeks (Shakespeare Week, Cultural Week, Skill India Week)
  • Guest lectures
  • Faculty-Student Interaction Sessions
  • Homework Policy
  • Culminating Days
  • Inter-School Competitions
  • Sport trip days
  • Annual concerts
  • Clubs and Ministries
  • Student Council
  • Picnic tours
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Above all the extremely arousing and equally stimulating Sports Infrastructure, precisely reminiscent of International Standards insulates the art of sportsmanship and inspires the students about the ecstasy of Winning with Kinship and hard work. The physical development of each child is an important goal at all in our schools. To the extent that is possible, sports infrastructure is provided for a variety of sporting disciplines like Cricket, Football, Gymnastics, Basketball, Tennis, Skating, Aerobics, etc.

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