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Business Head

Neethika Brahmadi is the Business Development Head, Head of Operations, Curriculum Actualization at Foster Billabong High International School, and Kangaroo Kids Pre-Schools. She Believes in experiential learning and also a constant explorer of new avenues of learning. Neethika Brahmadi is also a founder and Director of Foster Apt Management which is a firm that works with schools in creating standard operating procedures for the internal operations, administration, academic management & service management on revenue sharing basis.


  • Review Admission Queries and Approve Admissions.
  • Set up Standard Operating Procedures to ensure smooth functioning of day to day operations.
  • Orient all the parents who have enrolled their children for the new academic year with the school’s academic perspective and the policies.
  • Address parent concerns on day to day basis, Provide solutions for day to day operational concerns to the internal team.
  • Business Development Financial management, Crisis management, Public relations, Strategic Marketing, Strategic Advertising.
  • Interviews & Recruitments.
  • Train the teaching team on curriculum implementation and Supervision to ensure quality teaching.
  • Train the administrative team on admission counseling, communication policies, safety & security policies.
  • Conduct mock sessions for teachers to ensure the real-time classrooms run without a glitch and check if teaching aids have been put to optimum use.
  • Event management for all School related events – Indoor & Outdoor.
  • Conduct weekly review meetings with the academic heads of the Pre-Schools, Primary & Secondary segments.
  • Host conferences on campus. Attend collaborative meetings that are conducted between the regional cluster of schools.
Business Head of FBHIS

Neethika Brahmadi

Business Head.

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