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Aiming to be a premier institute of repute, FBHIS, Best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad, has started its operation in June 2012, under the aegis of “Poosha Educational Society”, which was established in 1995. A Vision has driven outlook of the Management based on the Philosophy of “Let Noble thoughts come to us from all directions,” together with the shared goals of individuals with passion helped in the initiation of this school. A step towards Liberal Education on multidisciplinary mode has been attempted. Foster Billabong High International School endeavors to provide a strong foundation for all-round development of a child, holistic education, and hence, the emphasis is on qualitative teaching and learning process so that every child who enters the portals of this school is prepared to meet life head-on. The Foster Billabong High International School management has been ever forthcoming and enthusiastic in setting up an Institution to keep pace with the changing needs of its students.

FBHIS, Best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad, is equipped with infrastructure required to implement the curriculum in its intended spirit. We also ensure that school bags are kept light by keeping resources like textbooks, workbooks, craft articles, etc. in class and letting children take home only required worksheets and reference material.


Play School to Sr. K.G.
Main Teacher & Co – Teacher

Grade I to IV
Main Teacher & Co – Teacher

Grade V to VIII
Subject Teachers & Resource Teacher


FBHIS’s joint venture with Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd (KKEL) begins its designing process with its prime focus – the learner. Hence the first question asked is,

‘Where do we want to see the learner at the end of his journey?’

The answer provided is a well-researched systematically documented profile called.



Our curriculum’s USP is to cater to 3 kinds of learners.

Auditory Learners

Visual Learners

Kinesthetic Learners


  1. Circle time
  2. Concept Time
  3. Sing along sessions
  4. Snack time
  5. Attendance Time
  6. Support System
  7. Focus point learning ( display of objects)
  8. Picture Talk
  9. Story Time
  10. Rhyme Recitation
  11. Program Achieve Module ( Moral values are imparted through regular conceptual teaching )

After every month parent receives an overview of the curriculum implemented and the topics covered. Call and fix an appointment for further detailing on academics.

academic year
  • Work education: Stitching, Cooking, Gardening, Pottery are taught to enhance skills.
  • In the formative assessments, attitude and behavior are also graded.


Foster Billabong International High School, Best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad, is affiliated to the Central Board of Education with a Primary Year Programme is incorporated into the syllabus.

The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) is an educational programme managed by the International Baccalaureate (IB) for students aged 3 to 12.

Our curriculum’s USP is catering to 3 kinds of learners.

  1. Auditory Learners:lectures, group discussions, speaking, videos
  2. Visual Learners: Maps, diagrams, charts, graphs, flow charts, symbols, hierarchies
  3. Kinesthetic Learners: personal experiences, demonstrations, simulations, videos, movies,
  • Integrated Curriculum is pre-prepared to maintain the same discipline in all sections of all grade
  • Class sheets and home sheets are prepared by a different team.
  • Lesson planning, assessment sheets, teaching aids, reference material, plan of work, home extensions, class extensions are prepared at the start of the year which ensures quality implementation of the curriculum.
  • Direct point of contact is the Academic Head, Vice Principal, and the Principal/Director.


The International Baccalaureate® (IB) Primary Years Programme is a curriculum framework designed for students in classes grades 1 to 5. The same integrated with CBSE syllabus which helps students to be challenged on higher-order thinking levels.

  • Interpreted pre-curriculum
  • Field trips / Class activities / Special Days / Guest lectures.
  • Culminating Days

VARK – Visual/Auditory/Reading/Kinesthetic


  • Project exchange between various cultural networks.
  • Each class participates in a virtual exchange program with international school from across the world.
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  • The curriculum at FBHIS, Best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad, for 6th to 10th grade in CBSE syllabus.
  • From grade 6th, Science is divided into
    i) Physics    ii) Chemistry    iii) Biology
  • Sports & Performing arts are part of their regular curriculum
  • Library, Computers, art & craft, Skill periods, Club periods, and the likes are conducted also part of the regular curriculum.


  • Literature
  • Language Arts and English Grammar
  • Social Science
  • Mathematics
  • Second Language – Hindi/Telugu
  • Computer Education       
  • Art and Craft
  • Physical Education         
  • Library


  • Programme
  • CPC
  • Science Explanation


Homework Policy Math (Every day) Other Subjects (Weekly), Friday – Wednesday Submission.
Field trips Fieldtrips for every Major topic covered about Social, Science & English mainly.
Special Days
  • Theme wise – Special day – once a month – For pre-school.
  • Primary & High School – The student organizer lists out all the special days conducted.
Special weeks Like Shakespeare week, Cultural week, Skill India week, and more.
Guest lectures Specialists in fields, Volunteer parents are called in to give guest lectures to students of all grades in various topics
Students Council / Clubs/ Ministries. Projects are mandatory for students to submit. Evaluated and graded by CBSE. In-house projects.
Cultural events Expressions week, Oriental week ( Haiku, Cooking, Oriental art, origami and more)
External exams Certificates hold value for higher studies. All are optional – can be chosen from.
Teacher training programmes Mandatory CBSE training – thrice a year. Billabong Training – Twice a year

  • Beginning of the academic session by the Head Office trainers. Classroom Observation by the H.O personnel proper feedback, guidance for quality implementation
  • As per CBSE norms, entitled agencies give periodic training to Academic Heads /Co-coordinators / Teachers
Curriculum Actualisation Mock sessions, Class observations, evaluation & grading of Teaching.
Inter House Competitions Spin a yarn, Dance, Music, talent search, Design, Article writing, all sports, etc.
Inter-School Competitions CBSE Katha competitions, sports competitions, Model United Nations.


FBHIS, Best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad, is an amalgamation of world-class globalized sports, labs, and resource infrastructure creating collaborative spaces for students of all grades.

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Audio-Visual (AV) lab, Maths, and Computer laboratories are an integral part of our school infrastructure. The laboratories allow all students the opportunity to explore the practical dimensions of these disciplines to the fullest. They are equipped with tools required to conduct a series of experiments as prescribed in the curriculum.

FBHIS, Best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad, has a well-stocked library with interesting and informative books on a variety of subjects. Students are encouraged to refer to these books not only for academic purposes but also to discover the pleasure of reading in a serene atmosphere.


Cheerful colors and restful surroundings are to be found in the health bay. It has a soothing, yet vibrant feel to it that can make an unwell child feel better.


Breakfast and Lunch at FBHIS is a coupon system. Students can procure some coupons in advance. Whenever a student wants to avail breakfast from school has to drop the coupon in the Coupon box in the classroom in the morning, the breakfast plate will be given to their respective classrooms. The weekly menu is set.

Lunch Hall

We also provide healthy and balanced meals to children in the dining hall. High standards of cleanliness are maintained so that children are protected from any harm. Sharing meals also provides children with a sense of community. We maintain a weekly menu. Lunch provided by FBHIS is Optional.


Each school has a computer Lab that helps to develop a deeper understanding of technology and its working in every child.

Best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad


Tools like audiovisual clippings, presentations, songs, and cartoons are used extensively in our curriculum. For this purpose, an exclusive AV center is allocated with all the required electronic equipment and facilities.
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Sports Infrastructure

The physical development of each child is an important goal at all in our schools. To the extent that is possible, sports infrastructure is provided for a variety of sporting disciplines like Cricket, Football, Gymnastics, Basketball, Tennis, Skating, Aerobics, etc.
Top CBSE Schools in Hyderabad

Sports and Performing Activities

Top Schools in Secunderabad

Sports Performing Activities Physical Education/Games
Basketball Karate Table Tennis
Lawn Tennis Skating Chess
Cricket Western Dance Caroms
FootBall Instrumental Music – (Guitar/Keyboard) Volley Ball
  Speech & Drama (HOG) Shuttle

Events & Activities

Special Days:

Students get to have hands-on experience following the kinaesthetic learning angle. Parents & students get to experience collaborative learning based on the particular curriculum that is in function.

Field Trips:

Every grads curriculum has pre-scheduled field trips related to the topics that deem visual learning and experiential knowledge. For example, students visit ISRO to the Pochampally Knitting unit, a chocolate factory, an automobile manufacturing unit, and the likes of it through their Billabong years.

Culminating Days:

Each year consists of four volumes. Apart from the four Parent-Teacher meets that happen, the culminating days are scheduled thrice a year portraying all the known academic learning the students underwent in that particular volume. You can expect working displays, prototypes, plays, competitions, Art displays & the likes of it.

Sports Week/Day:

A timeline where students participate, compete, and collaborate over different sporting events.

Annual Concert:

Confidence, courage, communication, and compassion are some of the common trades within our academic culture. Different segments of FBHIS put up a dazzling performance for parents which helps build all the above-mentioned traits and becomes a day to reminisce for the years to come.

Clubs & Ministries:

Each student becomes a member of a club and a ministry wherein one academic year they have to finish three projects (individual/team).

Student Council:

The organization of students, elected by the students, for the students. An opportunity to practice leadership and citizenship. A forum for student expression and faculty-student interaction. The Junior Student Council & the Senior Student Council create a good set of inspiration.


We at FBHIS believe that people who deal with students today are faced with myriad challenges. The most significant of these is to positively influence them to perform to the best of their abilities. This in turn can be achieved only if they experience social, emotional, and behaviouralwell-being. Extensive research reveals that what fundamentally determines how children achieve and adjust is the mindset they bring with them to life’s experiences. Research indicates that students who are academically successful have positive mindsets as compared to those who are not so successful academically.

FBHIS Provides Schooling from Pre-School

We as academicians need to ensure that as part of our curriculum, all children are provided many opportunities to acquire a positive mindset that helps them develop their academic, social, emotional, and interpersonal potential.

Our Life Skills Programme is cognitive, which means it encourages the development of positive habits to maximize learning.

The activities within the curriculum increase the student’s level of awareness of their thoughts and make them understand how their thinking influences their feelings and behavior patterns. The curriculum also helps them in understanding how they can change negative, irrational thoughts to positive, rational thoughts leading to meaningful outcomes.

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